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The Safety Air Cushion complete set offers a realistic and efficient solution for emergent rescues such as: big fires, terrorism attacks etc. It was studied and produced in cooperation with market leaders in the fields of ventilation and plastics using certified raw material and ISO 9001:2015 quality control system & ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
Produced in self-extinguishing, waterproof, anti-acid, high tear and abrasion resistant material, an excellent level of reliability and strength is guaranteed. Since it operates at low pressure, the cushion can withstand small tears or punctures during the evacuation operation without its properties as a rescue device being compromised.

ISO 9001:2008 EN ISO6941 DIN EN 20811 DIN EN ISO 13938-1:999 BS5438 DIN 14151-3 DIN 53354:1981 DIN 4102 B1 DIN 53352 DIN 53353 DIN 53363 DIN 53886 DIN 53361 NFPA 701,M2,CL2,LSG
  1. Cushion is installed and operated by continuous air blower (fan).
  2. Easy to install and to moving with 4 edge Handle while operation.
  3. Reinflation within 30 second (Depend on size) after landing.
  4. The big holes for 1~2 chambers of Air cushion are designed for immediate air injection and allow restoring cushion to the original state earlier after landing.
  5. Air Cushion fully absorb the kinetic energy from landing body and do not give back bounce.
  6. Structure
    • Cushion’s chambers are designed for immediate air injection and allow restoring to the original state easier after landing
    • There are plastic handles bottomed on four sides of air cushion for making easy and convenient while moving in using.
  7. Material
    • Made from 100% special Polyester, fire resistance, waterproof, highly tearing resistance, have double seam structure, the cover can be mend able by special material.
  8. Luminous Lines are easy to fall down when the environment is dark.
Fan Type Fan Type
Model No GDF35 GDF46 GDF70 GDF100 GDF150 GDF200
No. of Chamber One Chamber Two Chamber
Size (m) 3.5x3.5x1.5 4.0x6.0x2.0 4.5x6.0x2.5 5.0x7.0x2.5 6.0x8.0x3.0 7.0x10.0x3.0
Allowable Height Under 15m 15m Under 25m 30m 45m 60m
Injection time 30sec 50sec 65sec 75sec 110sec 135sec
Reinflation time 10sec 17sec 18sec 25sec 35sec 40sec
Weight 40kg 70kg 80kg 145kg 150kg 170kg
Cushion Packing 130x70x50cm 130x70x50cm 130x80x50cm 130x80x50cm 130x80x50cm 130x90x50cm
Fan Type DTV-300ca x 1 DTV-300ca x 1 DTV-300ca x 2 DTV-350ca x 2 DTV-500ca x 2 DTV-500ca x 2

* Customization is available for all products.



V Fan size(m/m) Hz A W r.p.m KW P Power Rating Air Pressure kg
m3/min ft3/min mmAg Pa
DTV-300/DTV-300ca 1ø 220 300 50 1.75 400 2,850 0.4 2 53 1,870 45 440 14
60 2.45 540 3,300 61 2,155 60 590
DTV-350/DTV-350ca 1ø 220 320 50 3.00 625 2,900 0.75 2 105 3,710 65 640 16.5
60 4.35 960 3,400 125 4,415 90 880
DTV-500/DTV-500ca 1ø 220 470 50 3.40 710 1,445 0.75 4 140 4,945 36 355 32
60 4.90 1,060 1,680 160 5,650 48 470
How to operate
Fan Type Fan Type Fan Type Fan Type Fan Type Fan Type
※ Caution
In firefighting in the U.S and Europe, when Safety Air Cushion are deployed at a predicted fall point, there is a risk of the rescuer falling before the equipment is installed, so they are required to install the equipment in advance at a nearby point and then move to the expected fall point. In Korea, because there is a lack of space for deployment and it is not easy to move after deployment due to excessive weight, Safety Air Cushion are deployed immediately at the expected drop point. Therefore, during the deployment process, sufficient information must be given to people expected to fall to prevent them from falling due to misconception, and it may also necessary to consider a method of deploying with a separate membrane covering the upper cell and then removing it in a safe state.
Customization is available for all products