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GSC Global Safe Corporation is 48 years experience of Leading Specialized company for Fire Equipment and Rescue Equipment system to Middle East, and Western, Asia and Europe market in South Korea(Republic of Korea). The company name was changed from Yutraco Corporation to GSC Corporation and in 2016, it has been newly changed to GSC Global Safe Corporation. We are Leading Specialized manufacturer & supplier in Fire & Rescue equipment for emergency evacuation equipment supplement.

Such as Rescue cushion, Safety Air Cushion, Air mat , lifesaving mat, Vertical chute, Sloping escape chute, Vertical spiral Escape chute, Spring Escape chute, Indoor Escape chute, mining Escape chute, mobile Escape chute, mobile sloping chute, mobile vertical chute, Vertical escape chute systems, Emergency Air Tent, Life line, Escape device system, Escape descender, descending Device, Fire Fighting cloth, Safety Rope Ladder, Rescue device, Rescue equipment, Fire Escape chute, Emergency Fire Escape system and safety equipment.

Our main item is Safety Air mat ( = Lifesaving mat) & fire Escape device & Escape chute for emergency evacuation.

We have a great deal of experience to the Government, Civil Defense, National Hospital, Private Building and representative Hotel to Middle East, Asia, Europe and Western Area.

Now, we have continued to export our safety air cushions to large fire truck manufacturers in the whole worldwide for more than five years.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you & your customer for trusting and choosing GSC GLOBAL SAFE CORPORATION to be the faithful partner during the last time.

We hope to develop and extend our co-operation with you in the future.

Sincerely Yours.
J. Lee
President & CEO
Manufacture & Supplier
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