Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute(Stationary Type)
Escape Chute

This product is designed to provide safe and quick evacuation of people. The system is geared to facilitate the escape of evacuees with or without mobility deficiencies. It is used as an alternative or complementary escape route in case of emergency such as terrorist attack, earthquake, fire, etc. Its compact storage box can be designed to integrated fully to installed by a window, roof top or balcony.

Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute is a device which emergency in the crowd and rapid evacuation of people from high structures, where one chute is capable of evacuating some evacuees from a high rise building in 15 to 20 minutes.

The escape chute system offers an external independent escape option. When an earthquake shifted walls and blocked door exits, our external escape chute has been proven to bring occupants safely to the ground.

Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute can be installed on the wall, and only requires a clear drop to ground level. When deployed, as you travel through the escape chute you can look up and down, no smoke can enter the chute.

  1. Please use the product is used for the purpose of evacuation when the fire is put to emergency situations everywhere, if you use wrong way cause the human or material damages, serious injury or death are issued due to use depending on usage.
  2. When you open the frame without careful, it may be damage with spare part and frame such as exit windows or parts attached to the frame will occur.
  3. The folded frame have to carefully attention with your fingers or body parts, if you are not carefully, it may occur tight or bad situations.
  4. If when Escape Chute use with twisted on the outside or contact obstacle, it may be occurred to shock and/or damage.
  5. Vertical-spiral chute should be installed in vertical buildings or structures suitable for vertical escape chute.
  6. Exposed areas of the body should be minimized when going down, and exposed friction may cause damage to the skin when you going down by Escape chute.
  7. If you think the speed of descending is fast when descending, you can fold and unfold both elbows and adjust the speed repeatedly.

Evacuation to use high raising building
Escape Chute
Open the Entrance Cabinet or Carring Bag and throw away the Escape Chute from opened window.
Escape Chute
Place the Entrance Frame to lower the middle tread plates on the fixture to secure the footrest. Escape through the Base Plate into the Entrance Frame.
Escape Chute
A complete stop can be accomplished by pressing your knees, elbows and hands hard against the wall of the chute.
Escape Chute
Assistant twists the chute to ensure that person lands on the ground safely and moves away from the exit point of the chute quickly.
Product Description
Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute-Stationary Type
  • Material used: Flame retardant
  • Length of the Chute is measured from the ground to the window frame.
  • Length of chute: Customization is available
  • Classification
    ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015 EN ISO6941 DIN EN 20811 DIN EN ISO 13938-1:999 BS5438 DIN 14151-3. DIN 53354:1981 DIN 4102 B1 DIN 53352 DIN 53353 DIN 53363 DIN 53886 DIN 53361 NFPA 701,M2,CL2,LSG
  • A lot of people can be escaped in a short times.
  • The Escape can be used alone
  • The disabled, Senior citizens & pregnant women can be escaped easily
Where it needed
  • Government Buildings, Fire Truck Installation, Hotel, School, High-Rise Building, etc
  • For escape and high emergency rescue.
  • Module structure, 3meter/ each module flexible structure.
  • Padding on the bottom of the chute to maximum avoids injuring or shock for user.
  • Polyester, heatproof and fire resistance
Customization is available for all products