Spring Escape Chute(For Indoor)

The Spring Escape Chute have 3 layer-spring type escape chute is a device that allows the safe mass evacuation of any large structure, at a rate of up to 25 people per minute.
The Spring Escape Chute is a device b which persons in immediate danger, can activate the escape chute, and use it to evacuate indoor in high building.
The Escape Chute System consists of two major components:
1. Is the storage/deployment device, which will change to suit the circumstances in which the chute is to be used.
2. Is the Escape Chute its self, the only change to occur on the chute is its length, to suit the application.
The Chute is manufactured in three distinct and separate layers, each layer can be separated from the other to perform maintenance or carry out repairs.

Layer 1: The Outside Layer-Flameproof Layer
This layer protect you from the flames and radiated hear, this layer can withstand a constant temperature. There is a space between the outer and middle layer, this reduces the radiated heat being transferred to the middle chute.

Layer 2: The Middle Layer-Breaking Layer
This layer with SUS304 stainless steel with rust-resistant coil springs sewn into the material, which, due to their small diameter, limits but does not hold the user as they travel through these springs.

Layer 3: The Inner Layer-Support layer
It is a layer connected to a storage/deployment device that holds the escape chute in place. This inner layer protects the middle layer that holds the torso from pressuring the escapee. However, we recommend wearing long tops and pants if possible, as friction can cause minor scratches to the escapee when using Escape chute.

Just sit on the edge, with your legs in the chute, and feel it grip you, slide forward and lower yourself to waist level, spread your legs, and slowly lower yourself fully into the chute.
By applying and releasing pressure against the interior wall of the chute, with your arms and legs, you have control of your decent speed.

Product Description
Spring Escape Chute-For Indoor
  • Material used: Flame retardant
  • Length of the Chute is measured from the ground to the window frame.
  • Length of chute: Customization is available
  • Classification
    ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015 EN ISO6941 DIN EN 20811 DIN EN ISO 13938-1:999 BS5438 DIN 14151-3. DIN 53354:1981 DIN 4102 B1 DIN 53352 DIN 53353 DIN 53363 DIN 53886 DIN 53361 NFPA 701,M2,CL2,LSG
  • A lot of people can be escaped in a short time.
  • The Escape can be used alone
  • The disabled, Senior citizens & pregnant women can be escaped easily
Where it needed
  • Government Buildings, Fire Truck Installation, Hotel, School, High-Rise Building, etc
  • For escape and high emergency rescue.
  • 3 layer with SS304 Spring hold person for safety and easily
  • Polyester, heatproof and fire resistance
Carrying bag
Storage box(option)
Steel Platform
Round Steel Ring
Customization is available for all products