Breathing Apparatus
Self-contained breathing apparatus (light weight for oriental fireman)
  • Multi functional Breathing apparatus and toxic gas protection equipment which lasts 2 times more than Ordinary air respirators
  1. Enables the user to breathe with the ambient air as well.
  2. Without using the air inside the cylinder while wearing the facepiece.
  3. In dark places a flashing indicator device helps fireworks to locate each other. wireless can be attached.
  4. The pressure gauge is easily read in the dark.
  5. The facepiece band is from a high quality rubber.
  6. One Touch waist belt.
  7. Flashing indicator functions as soon as fire fighter starts using the apparatus.
  8. The low air warning device is located on the user's shoulder.
  9. The hose is wrapped up with stainless steel.
  10. The band holding the vessele is made in a way that it is easily adjusted according to the shape of the vessele.
  11. The saver mask which is connected to the saver coupling is adjusted near the chest of the firefighter in a way that it is not interfere with the firefighter's activity and easy to use.
  12. The air respirator has a by-pass valve.
  13. The self contained breathing apparatus (including saver mask connection device but air weigt no included) is 8KG.
  14. The Breathing vessel is Aluminum (Carbon Fiber).
  15. The breathing vessel is Approx 6.8ℓ.
  16. Usage time is APPROX 50 Min, using pressure (FP) 300kgf/㎠ / Testing pressure is (TP) 500kgf/㎠
  17. Our product can be safely used by fire Department and is certified by Government
  18. The pressure gauge is made in a way that the pressure can be checked even without opening cylinder’s valve
  19. Specially waist belt design focusing on safety and comfort