Air Cushion (Octagonal Shape)
Octagonal Shape Octagonal Shape
  1. Cushion is installed by Compressed Air Cylinder. Electric or Motor pump is not required.
  2. Easy to install and to carry while operation.
  3. Reelection within 3 seconds (Depend on size: 3-12 seconds) after landing.
  4. The big holes for 2 chambers or 3 chamber Air cushion are designed for immediate air injection and allow restoring cushion to the original state earlier after landing.
  5. When landing body touch down the cushion, air stopper close the hole of lower chamber automatically. This makes a temporary sealed air chamber.
  6. A plenty of air is expelled by the two breathers on either side.
  7. Made of special polyester fabric
  8. High abrasion proof.
  9. All sides are attached by adhesive with the width of glue is 5cm
  10. Cushion fully absorb the kinetic energy from landing body and do not give back bounce
  1. Tube: 1000 denier polyester coated with plastomer having excellent resistance to tearing, tension and breaking.
  2. Cover: 1000 denier polyester coated with fire retardant and water-proof

ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO6941, DIN EN 20811, DIN EN ISO 13938-1:999, BS5438, DIN 14151-3, DIN 53354:1981, DIN 4102 B1, DIN 53352, DIN 53353, DIN 53363, DIN 53886, DIN 53361, NFPA 701,M2,CL2,LSG

Model No DC35-AC DC50-AC DC70-AC DC150-AC
No.of Chamber One Chamber One Chamber / Two Chamber
Size (m) 3.5x3.5x1.7 3.7x3.7x1.7 4.9x4.9x2.5 9.6x9.6x3.5
Allowable Height Under 15m Under 16m 25m 45m
No.of Cylinder Steel 10.2L x 1, Composite.6.8L x 1 Steel 10.2L x 2, Composite.6.8L x 2
Inflation time 18sec 18sec 20sec 40sec
Reinflation time 10sec 10sec 20sec 30sec
Cushion Weight 62kg 65kg 105kg 250kg
Packing(cm) 130x70x50 130x70x50 130x80x55 130x80x55