Water Mist Gun
Water Mist Gun (WMG-8850)
Strecher,Rescue Equipment,Ventilator,Water Mist Gun,Breathing Apparatus,Emergency Fire Escape System,Emergency Smoke Mask,Fall Protection Equipment,Generator,FIRE FIGHTING SUITS,Rope Ladder

The Gun has rotor that enables users to select flow path and thus right discharge type, angle, rate and reach for the type, pattern and size of the fire they attack.

Application Code ISO9001:2008-High Pressure water mist firefighting equipment patent, NEP Certification, excellent product designated by Public procurement service
Type Water Mist Gun for Fire Extingushing, straight type.
Application-Class A, B, C class fire
Dimension 182 x 490 x 98 mm
Weight 3.65kg
Spray Pattern 5 spray pattern -10~140° Protection and water mist circle spray
Operation Pressure 60~120bar
Flow rate 9~40 Liter/min
Distance 6.5~17m
Nozzle 8 Water mist Nozzle+8 Water Mist Protecting Nozzle+1 Center Spray Nozzle
Other - Material: Duralumin: AL Alloy and SUS304
- Gold Hard Anodizing
Features - Patent
- Multiplex water spray pattern(3~5, 7pattern: Piercing nozzle)
- Excellent fire extinguishing effect
- Maximization of fire extingushing effect by attaching piercing nozzle
Connection unit
  • Mobile & Fixed System, Piercing Nozzle (NR-01)