For Fire Bridge Escape Chute
For Fire Bridge Escape Chute For Fire Bridge Escape Chute For Fire Bridge Escape Chute

This Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute is fabric chute attached to a metal frame and held together with support belts. It is designed to be installed to fire truck for the rescue and to evacuation people with speed and safety.

Floor 2F 3F 4F 5F 6F 7F 8F 9F 10F 11F 12F 13F 14F 15F 16F 17F 18F 19F 20F
Size(mtr) 6M 9M 12M 15M 18M 21M 24M 27M 30M 33M 36M 39M 42M 45M 48M 51M 54M 57M 60M
Sliding time 2sec 2sec 3sec 4sec 5sec 6sec 6sec 7sec 7sec 8sec 8sec 9sec 9sec 10sec 10sec 11sec 11sec 12sec 12sec
Escape chute precautions
  1. Please use the product is used for the purpose of evacuation when the fire is put to emergency situations everywhere, if you use wrong way cause the human or material damages, serious injury or death are issued due to use depending on usage.
  2. When you open the frame without careful, it may be damage with spare part and frame such as exit windows or parts attached to the frame will occur.
  3. The folded device on Frame is rotated to straighten, be carefully your fingers or body parts may occur tight or bad situations.
  4. If When Escape chute use with twisted on the outside or contact obstacle, it occur to shock and/or damage.
  5. If Escape chute are using short or exceed the length of the rescue of 1M or more, it could not be evacuated. Be use to install the appropriate vertical descent way rescue the building and installation.
  6. When you go down the exposed parts of the body should not touch on slop fabric material. When you down, it occur friction parts exposed blossomed.
Storage Cautions

It have to dry after when you used, if have moist it may be change the color or damage on the Escape chute

When inspection occurs if the following precautions: Please contact immediately the necessary action will not occur until the situation in which a person can cause serious injury

  • When Escape chute stored during long-term storage, it occurred when corrosion or rust on the frame or supporting frame entrance folding device
  • when Escape chute fabric land discoloration or mold, etc. bloomed
  • When Escape chute fabric stuck or torn land
  • When various ropes have discoloration and/or mildew and/or tears