Breathing Apparatus
1Hour self-contained breathing apparatus
Strecher,Rescue Equipment,Ventilator,Water Mist Gun,Breathing Apparatus,Emergency Fire Escape System,Emergency Smoke Mask,Fall Protection Equipment,Generator,FIRE FIGHTING SUITS,Rope Ladder
  • Multi functional Breathing apparatus and toxic gas protection equipment which lasts 2 times more than Ordinary air respirators
  1. Specially waist belt design focusing on safety and comfort.
  2. The pressure gauge is easily read in the dark.
  3. The 6 point adjustment head harness with an excellent fit, no hair pulling.
  4. One Touch waist belt.
  5. The low air warning device is located on the user's shoulder.
  6. The high pressure hose is wrapped up with stainless steel.
  7. The band holding the vessels is made in a way that it is easily adjusted according to the shape of the vessels.
  8. The air respirator has a by-pass valve.
  9. The Breathing vessels is composite cylinder consisting of an aluminum alloy liner, with a total overwrap of carbon fiber, glass fiber and an epoxy resin.
  10. The breathing vessel is Approx 9.0ℓ.
  11. Usage time is APPROX 1 Hour, using pressure (FP) 300kgf/㎠ / Testing pressure is (TP) 500kgf/㎠