Fall Protection Equipment
Harness (A101, A102, A103)
figure 1-1.A 101 A Type
figure 1-2. A 101 B Type
figure 1-3. A 103 Type
  1. Its belt is soft and the wearing feeling is outstanding by using the new material of the well-ventilation Polyamide webbing.
  2. All the components(Buckle 7kings, 8rings, carabina hook,etc.) are much light and solid by using aluminimum 7071.
  3. The coupling buckle of leg part is very convenient for assembling and disassembling because of using the vertical fastening and unfastening round-type buckle which is completely different from the other company’s product. In addition, the product has solved the inconvenience that had rubbed against the inside of thigh with the existing square buckle.
  4. The shock absorber doesn’t use a sewing machine system, which can’t secure a specified absorbing ability, but use the webbing absorber system used in Europe. Therefore, the complete moment falling load’s absorbing ability can be secured.
  5. Diverse models have been developed in accordance with the use of working place.
Auto Block Harness ((U-2344, U-2346)
figure 2-1.U-2344
figure 2-2.U-2346
figure 1-4. Shock Absorber
  1. SPECIAL FEATURES (First Time in the industry):
    The Clamping rope of Auto Block Harness id adjusted with moving distance of the worker by attached reel case and KEVLAR webbing.
    The webbing absorber attached in front of the clamping rope achieves the maximum instantaneous shock absorption.
    The fluorescent color belt of harness makes the worker noticed easily even in bad weather of in the night.