Water Mist Gun
Piercing Nozzle NR01

Where access to the seat of the fire is difficult, operators can replace straight stream nozzles with piercing nozzles to penetrate surrounding obstacles and make openings.

Application Code ISO9001:2008-High Pressure water mist fire fighting equipment patent, NEP Certification, excellent product designated by Public procurement service
Type Pass the obscuration near the fire source & Open the closed area.
Application-Class A, B, C class fire
Dimension 30 x 270 mm
Weight 1.0kg
Spray Pattern 105° circle water spray
Operation Pressure 60~120bar
Flow rate 30 Liter/min
Connection type Quick coupling type
Spray Nozzle 8 Nozzles (Holes)
Other -Body of material: SUS304
-Head of Material: SUS420J2 Cr Coating
Features - Patent
-Pass the obscuration and open the closed area
-Easy to use user interface
Connection unit